Dekorative Dekonstruktion

Deconstruction of Decoration
Something that changes its state, that was invisible before and becomes visible now, that has lost its usual form to morph from one into another.

Deconstruction as an equivalent for transformation, metamorphosis or conversion, with a positive connotation in terms of destruction. At its moment of deconstruction we can observe something within the process and will find it coherent. Someone who loose face in a moment of trueness can be seen as bare. But at the same time one shows the immaculacy of the real inner self.

Decorative as an adverb that belongs to our deconstruction and stands for the beauty in the moment of destruction. As the relief from structures that mean the past, the moment before. As the promise of a new beginning.

live dates

(/w SOHO BEDROOM 1938)

moving images by MALTE SEIDEL
28.02.14 - LEIPZIG, Prager Frühling
01.03.14 - BERLIN, Sputnik Kino

DEKO DEKO - VERTIGO live set -

23.05.13 - LEIPZIG, Kafic/ Blackbox / GfZK ...more
19.06.13 - LEIPZIG, NO NO NO! / UT Connewitz ...more
21.06.13 - HALLE/S., Love & Passion / Reil78


01.03.13 - BERLIN, Festsaal Kreuzberg...more


23.01.13 - LEIPZIG, Conne Island
24.01.13 - BERLIN, Berghain ...more
25.01.13 - HAMBURG, Übel+Gefährlich ...more
26.01.13 - HANNOVER, Café Glocksee


DOK Leipzig - PINK Elephants - "Deko Deko und das Ortloff Phantom Lumierè" ...more
02.11.2012 - LEIPZIG, Moritzbastei

LINDENOW #8 @Szkeuditz/Ortloff
12.10.2012 - LEIPZIG, Szkeuditz...more

Record Release Secret Show

08.09.2012 - LEIPZIG, secret place in the forest ...more

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The official video for "Sally" by Deko Deko

Thanks to Paul, Kevin, Marcus, Philipp, Stephan, Anna and Natalie.

Camera: Maria L. Felixmüller, Lena Seik, Tristan Schulze
Editing: Simon Oakey
released in 2013 by Hello Records

Watch the Video on Vimeo

Video documentation - Make Death Listen EP - Secret Release Show

Live footage of Deko Deko's secret record release show in the woods with track snippets from the Make Death Listen EP (2012) and the upcoming album (Ortloff Records / Hello Records). No animals or plants were harmed during this performance. 

Camera: Suse Brand
Editing: Simon Oakey
released in 2012 by Hello Records

Watch the Video on Vimeo

The official video for "Behind the Eyes" by Deko Deko (remastered version 2013)

Software Programming: Simon Oakey
Camera and Editing: Simon Oakey
Costumes and Makeup: Lena Seik
released in 2012 by Hello Records

Watch the Video on Vimeo

releases and Media

Make Death Listen Reactive

According to enhance the range of the Make Death Listen EP, Deko Deko developed a reactive visual approach to the music and its metaphysical space. "Make Death Listen Reactive" is an interactive, audiovisual access to the music and it's background. The user can listen to the single album tracks while interacting with generic graphics according to volume amount and frequency. Floating particles point out the dimensions of the audiophile space augmented with fragments of lyrics and sound.

Launch the application
online/standalone application for MAC or PC // Flashplayer 9++ and speakers needed

Make Death Listen EP - Vinyl (Ortloff Records)

Make Death Listen 12" (vinyl/digital) is the debut EP of the german band Deko Deko. The record was released in september 2012 by Ortloff Records/Leipzig exclusively in vinyl collectors edition (UWE 07).
The vinyl is distributed to selected record stores and can be ordered online at Kann Records. All EP tracks can be digitally downloaded at Deko Deko's bandcamp page.


Deko Deko was formed in 2011 by Tristan and Lena, who have been members of several punk, trash and post-rock bands before they founded their virtual purpose: making music together as an electronical duo.

Influenced by their past (grown up in concrete suburbs of socialistic East Germany) and musical socialisation of the eighties and nineties they are working on cold broken beats, deep, brutal synthesizers and consoling and warm as well as oscillating and fleeting voices.

In their iconography on stage and in their videos the duo enlights a fusion of emotion, visuality, design and auditive experience.


"Marlf Man" - limited handmade silkscreen edition 2013

The print "Marlf Man" was originally created by the visual artist Claus Stabe from a modification and deconstruction of a common Bob Marley fanshirt motif. The visual meaning and its context represents many aspects of Deko Deko artistic approach. The replication of the original motif is available as handmade silkscreen print on unisized t-shirts as official Deko Deko mechandising product.


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